These 2 ladies are part of the reason that Belly scRubs has high ratings and great customer feedback.


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Belly scRubs has been voted Best Grooming Shop in Putnum County by readers in 2 area newspapers each of the last 6 years.

We have 4.8 ratings in both Google and FaceBook reviews. Here are some of the things people have said about us.


Jordon P 3/24/24
Brought the dogs to Belly ScRubs since the dog wash in Kanawha City was closed. We were able to wash both of them at the same time and there was actually hot water. 10/10 recommend!

Pam H 3/23/24
Wanted to thank you for such good treatment of pixie she has some health issues and sometimes she can be very contrary.

Matt P 3/2/24
Did a great job! My dog has longer hair and they did a very good job cutting it. Did a great job.

Jessica H 2/29/24
Perfect experience, highly recommend.

Jacklyn B 1/5/24
My precious Yorkie, Rocky, had a great experience at Belly scrubs. He liked the staff, and they did a good job on his shaggy 'do. I accidentally found this place, and I am glad I did. I had to drive from Huntington, but it was worth it! PS--it's been over a week and he still smells good.

Mitzi M 12-27-23
My first time ever. Been planning this for a bit. I am agoraphobic. So. I planned to be there. And no fits of panic. I love this place. Ernie and I will come back soon. Dog wash. And done.

Jenny H 12-22-23
I can't say enough about this establishment... My Mama taken her dog there to get his belly scrubbed for the past 5 plus years... The staff is always very curtius and kind and professional establishmment... I went with my Mama this past time and was checking out there lighted collars... The staff said the collars have been there for a long time and gave me a couple free of charge... They didn't want to sell something they had so long on the shelf due to them may not working... . I took them home and charged them up and both collars worked just fine... So I want to personally thank the staff for the collars and always being professional and curtious... I recommend Belly Scrubs to anyone that has a dog that needs a good Belly Scrub and kind and curious staff.

Mary S 12-8-23
Our Great Pyrenees was a mess. His hair was long and bushy and he had some matting. Belly Scrubs did an awesome job making him look like a show dog. They took off 15 lbs of hair! He looks better than he ever has. We love Belly Scrubs!

Kristie P 11-9-23
Very clean and all staff very friendly!! Excellent location. Alyssa did an awesome job and will be returning.

Sherry H 10-28-23
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your staff in caring for my Bella… she can't stand because of hip surgery when she was a pup. Your girls let her lay and groom around her, and she's a happy girl…  Bella is just now eating again and using her back legs better. I'm not sure whether the girl that always grooms her is still with you but she does an excellent job and Bella comes home clean, groomed, and happy.  I won't go anywhere else ever again with Bella.

Wayne H 10-20-23
I just had our little buddy cut n clipped here for the 1st time, I think his groomers name was Allison, she did a great job, we found his forever groomer, I def recommend taking ur baby here, he didn't seem as anxious as he normally did in the past when I picked him up, happy pet owner here!

Alisa M 10/22/23
Scooter and Red Pig really like Nikki at Belly scRubs and they don’t even like water!

Larry K 10-12-23
For the last few weeks my cat was going crazy from scratching and pulling chunks of hair out. I thought it was an allergy and thought a medicated bath might help. I took her to Belly Scrubs and they said she was ate up with fleas. They had to bathe her several times because there were so many. She's home now and sleeping like a baby. Hasn't scratched herself not one time. The staff was friendly and very informative. My cat and I thank you. Highly recommended.

Teresa A 5-8-23
Love this place, do a great job!

Mick F 5-8-23
My baby loves going. Staff treats both of us great and he always looks his best when he is done!

Janna Nicole A 5-7-23
Great job? I love this place. Sissy loved these people.

Carol B 5-6-23
All the employees are very nice & friendly...They do a great job on our shih-tzu mixed dogs...

Sondra S 4-8-23
Good groom for Aussie shepherd. They were efficient and I like that just do one dog at a time.

Rosalee JP 3-12-23
Thank you Alyssa. My old girl looks beautiful with her wash and nail trim and she smells great!

Angela M  3-6-23
Star Rating
Staff is always very accommodating!

Stephanie R 3-3-23
Courtney did a great job with Khloe. It was her first time being groomed. Definitely would recommend.

Lisa W 2-15-23
Mylee is an older dog. with not much hearing and blind in one eye, Mylee needs a patient and caring groomer. She looked amazing when we picked her up. She wasn’t stressed from the bath and cut, and was active the rest the of the day!

Vickey C 2-14-23
Belly scRubs did a wonderful job of grooming my goldendoodle! He looked great and the cut that I requested was perfect! I couldn't ask for a better experience. The staff was great and the groomer came out when I picked him up to make sure everyone was done to my satisfaction. Very professional !

VLC 2-14-23
Thank you for doing such a great job on Baxter yesterday! He looks and smells amazing!

Lisa W 2-11-23
Mylee is an older dog. with not much hearing and blind in one eye, Mylee needs a patient and caring groomer. She looked amazing when we picked her up. She wasn’t stressed from the bath and cut, and was active the rest the of the day!

Robin 2-1-23
Nicole K. worked wonders with Sylvester, new adoption (cat) to the family. She quietly and calmly cut his nails and bathed him. She was also fine with the anxious new parent watching! Lol! Everyone there was kind and caring to all animals that were there.

Sandra G 1-18-23
I am very happy with the service and great job Taylor did on my Pomeranian. My husband and I were very happy. Thank you.

Haley M 1-29-23
Amazing! First dog grooming experience and they did a wonderful job. They double checked everything I wanted done and they were super patient, thorough, and loving with my baby.

Trisha H 1-23
I have tried 3 other groomers one got up his face. Oliver he growls a little in the 1st visit to belly scrubs, they petted talked to my Maltese boy. He gets excited when I come to pick him up, he is calm relaxed in the cage. he never crawls out of fear if so it’s from past bad experiences. he is very happy getting groomed there for almost a year now! I have 2 neighbors who has been going to belly scrubs for over 15 years. They say they love this place. Sweet people. Very patient. I’ve also came early a few times and seen great work on grooming several animals. I’m planning to continue going to belly scrubs! Highly recommend this place! I’ve also groomed horses in the past, it’s never easy! With my own experience they do A wonderful job on grooming animals! Belly scrubs is highly recommended!

Joy H 1-19-23
The staff was very calming to our nervous doggie & he seemed very clean.

Krisite S 1-23
Awesome , my dogs love Belly Scrubs!!!

Michelle R 1-19-23
Maya seems to love the people at belly scrubs and they are so accommodating. She smells great at a great price.

SZN 1-6-23
They cleaned my Kia and Kobie up so nice. They were very friendly and did an awesome job. Definitely will be back.

Maureen 10-14-22
This was my first time going to scrubs and I was very very (happy) with their service and my dog Pixie looked wonderful. I will be back.

Bekka 10-4-22
I have never been more satisfied with the job the groomer here did on my little boy here. I
will be a customer here from now on.

Jessica 10-4-22
I love Belly scRubs!!

Chantel 10/3/22
Excellent service and helpful and friendly staff! Taylor did awesome with my sweet Bella she got so excited this morning on the ride to Belly scRubs she knows she’s in good hands!

Brian 10/1/22
We love Belly Scrubs and the services they provide. The staff treat our two babies with love and comfort while grooming them.

Georgiana 10/1/22
Love this place!!!

Terri 9/29/22

Nikki loved this.. I know she was treated well and loved here. She was having a spa day and photo shoot with her new friends and new groomer. The pics were great for letting me know she was cared for while in their facility. Thank you Taylor for the great job! Its been 3 days now and no scratching and no razor burns! Nikki knows she's cute too! Hehe...she just has the cutest bounce to her walk! Oh yes she can prance! Looking forward to her next spa day and photo shoot. Looking all foo-foo!

Christina D 9/24/22
Convenient and affordable place to wash your pets or have them groomed. We’ve used both the self service pet wash as well as the in house groomers. Staff has always been friendly, and they have always gotten us in quickly for nail trims.

Victor B 9/11/22
The personalized service is tough, if not impossible, to beat. Just great and thank you for taking time to do correctly, even when time was not on your side.

Kristi R 9/9/22
The staff at Belly Scrubs did a great job with Roxy my labradoodle! They listened to how I wanted her groomed and she looked beautiful! She had to be cut a little shorter than usual because she had some matting but they did amazing! I will def be taking her back! They got her done quickly and in the time frame they promised. Alyssa was her groomer!

Gill H 8-25-22
My experience with Belly Scrubs was excellent. They took excellent care of my dog and were very professional!!

Haylee R 7-9-22
Thank you for a great experience! Our pup’s first cut was adorable and exactly what we asked for! ❤️

R Lemon 7-9-22
Belly Scrubs is the best. The groomers are careful with my dog and he always leaves looking great. I recommend Belly Scrubs to anyone who is looking for a groomer.

Carla F 7-7-22
My doggie loves Shawn! Piper has never been so cute, healthy and happy!

Tiffany H 7-1-22
My doggy Gabby isn't the easiest to deal with but they got it done! She looks great and is so much cooler!

Terrie L 7-1-22
Excellent place & very sweet employees

Ricky D 6/28/22
Great place definitely take our dog back

Ashleigh G 6-21-22
We took our pup in for her annual summer cut. Belly Scrubs always does an amazing job with her and gives her such relief for the heat of summer. This time, when put away for 2 minutes, our energetic pup unexpectedly ended up chewing through her leash AND harness. Though it was no one's fault and no one expected it to happen, they still offered to give us a new leash and a discount for our next visit. Everyone at Belly Scrubs is always so professional and polite.

Shelly B 5-13-22
I don't know the groomer's name, but August took my Princess Leia back to the grooming room to get her toenails cut. She handled having this done for the first time very well. They put her and Mommy at ease. This location is very clean, it doesn't smell like wet dog, which was surprising. Most other groomers I've been to smell repulsive. This place was the exact opposite. We did the self-service wash. That was intriguing! My puppers didn't like the dryer, she barked and bit at the air. I think it might've been a tad too cold for her because I didn't get her very dry with the towel first. We will be using this place regularly. The staff is top notch and uber helpful. They treated my girl so well. Leia and I highly recommend Belly scRubs!

Lyndsee F 5-8-22
Ellie Belle loved her blowout! They were extremely helpful and made sure we were happy. Jacob decided to bathe Ellie after her blowout and they brought extra shampoo and towels to make sure she was taken care of. This place always go out of their way to help others. This has been our favorite place to come to for 5 years now.

Denys S 5-7-22
Great groomers! Very friendly staff! Clean facility! Very satisfied!! Highly recommend!

Beth S 5-4-22
Taylor always does an amazing job on our dogs!!! I recommend her to everyone I know!!!! So glad that she is part of the belly scrubs community!

Denys S 5-7-22
Great groomers! Very friendly staff! Clean facility! Very satisfied!! Highly recommend!

Lyndsee F 5-8-22
Ellie Belle loved her blowout! They were extremely helpful and made sure we were happy. Jacob decided to bathe Ellie after her blowout and they brought extra shampoo and towels to make sure she was taken care of. This place always go out of their way to help others. This has been our favorite place to come to for 5 years now.

Doug & Debbe T 4-26-22
We just love how the dogs look thank you

Jessica C 4-21-22
Manager and staff were helpful and friendly. Pulled in 10 min before close after dog rolled in something sketchy at the park. Needed change, they helped. Couldn't get machine to take bill, they helped. Dog, rescue from pound ~4 days ago, was irritable and growled at everyone but the managers and staff were forgiving, said she would warm up with time, and were soothing toward her to win her over. 100% fantastic experience

Alex L 4-2-22
I Took my Labdoodle there for his first groom at 5 months old and they did an amazing job! Made him feel comfortable and both of us were happy

Zara E 3-5-22
Our scruffy boy got his first spa day today!!! I have to say Belly scRubs was amazing!!
They did everything I asked, as we were weary about cutting/trimming certain spots on Bodhi like his mane, his ears, and his tail area! I also had the worst anxiety about leaving him there alone but he came out smiling and jumping around happy as can be! Now he looks even better and smells so good!!

Sadie C 3-1-22
They are so friendly and kind to our pup! We could see she felt so much better after her haircut and bath, and she smelled so good!! We love the personal use bathing stations they have - it is so much easier than bending over my bathtub trying to wash our dogs!

Christine M 2-27-22
The staff was very nice. Made my dog feel like she was at home. Her grooming experience was great

Julie G 2-26-22
Highly recommended Owner is caring and groomers do such a nice job

Teri B 2-21-22.
I love belly scrubs! They do an excellent job for a good price. I trust them 100 with my dog.

Ruth A 2-18-22
I always love to get my cocker spaniel, Mac, groomed at ‘Belly scRubs’ when I visit from Florida. This time Alyssa was his groomer but they all do a great job!
Come see what you’re missing. They’re conveniently located in Teays Valley.

Melinda B 2-5-22
Belly Scrubs came through again. Really pleased with the consistent good service. Great cut, smells wonderful and dog seemed happy. Will be back. Thank you for being here for us pet parents.

Jeremy P 1-1-22
I had never been to a place like this before, but it was effective at cleaning my 90 lb dog

Angela M 12-26-21
This was the first time getting a de-shed and grooming for my GSD. I was nervous, but when I picked him up, I could tell he was not only happy to see me but happy with the staff. And they did an excellent job! He looked amazing, much better than I could do, and smelled wonderful. And his coat was sooooo soft. I definitely recommend them and look forward to his next appointment.

Maureen F 12-14-21
Thank you so much for the awesome cut and attention to Rudy!! He kooks absolutely beautiful

Janay S 12-1-21
Love this place. Definitely beats the hassle of a bathtub.

Stephanie J 11-1-21
Staff was great and treated my pup like a princess. Will return

Sasha 11-21-21
I love this place. I don’t have to dirty up my own bathroom with dog hair!

Jennifer W 11-24-21
Highly recommend. Drove from Charleston to use the self serve wash bay for the first time today with my two huskies. Got a quick nail clip for each of my dogs and the bathing system is great. They’ve taken several measures to keep your dogs secure in the bathing areas, which I appreciate. The dryer is powerful enough for drying double coated, long haired pups. So much better than bathing them at home! I will definitely make the drive for every bath from now on.

Kip B 11-17-21
They were very loving to our fresh from the shelter, Walter. He's such a handsome dog.

Julie G 10-16-21
Tried this out today, So much Better then the home Bathtub especially for big dogs, Staff was very friendly and professional would highly recommend such a great idea.

J L 10-15-21
Was VERY happy to find this place (online search); as we were traveling to Charleston, WV to see family. So easy to use the self serve dog wash (2 stations); thought about using the grooming service to trim the pups nails - maybe next time! Adequate parking out front.

Dana C  10-13-21
I had a wonderful experience taking my 16 year old Yorkie to get groomed. I was worried that he might feel traumatized because of his age, but he was so happy and acted completely normal. They did a great job, and I would highly recommend.

Emily M 10-12-21
I 100% recommend Belly scRubs self service tubs! It was so much easier than bathing them at home.

Bobbie A 10-6-21
They took great care of my 10 year old golden retriever. She has bad arthritis and the lady was patient and gentle with her.

Judith G 10-3-21
Our Daisy is not hesitant about going to be groomed, she looks beautiful afterwards, and she happily prances around when she gets home. We live close by and love that she’s only there for a few hours instead of the entire day… I’m sure she loves that, too! I usually make the appointment and they will kindly work with you if need be to accommodate. My husband drops her off and picks her up and says they are always pleasant! We are very pleased with them and Daisy’s cut. Thanks

Donitta C 8-1-21
Great groomers. Very professional. I highly recommend Belly Scrubs.

Te M 8-1-21
Excellent self serve 24-7 dog wash that I have enjoyed for years. But they also have a weekday grooming service for drop off. Wonderful place. About $10 for 12 minutes and the shampoo, conditioner, dryers, and towels are already there.

Brittany W 8-27-21
Our dogs smelled and looked great! Highly recommend.

Trudy R 8-26-21
Have been going to Belly scrubs for at least 6 years. Always good service, friendly, and they love animals.

Debbie S 8-23-21
Very nice, professional, all around great job!

Tommy B  8-16-21
Belly Scrubs is awesome! I rescued a dog and within an hour she was being pampered and taken care of....other grooming services required an appointment....Belly Scrubs will always have my business because they did such a great job on such short notice....

Robert A 5-7-21
Always fast and friendly and our cat comes out looking and smelling great. Five stars.  Kelli 5/8/21 Super Staff!! Great with the animals and awesome job on grooming! 

Amie R-C 5-7-21
I took (our) baby bear to the groomer today. If you are in the Charleston/Huntington area I cannot recommend Belly scRubs enough. Also they did these cute Mother’s Day cards!

Jill A 5-4-21
We’ve been taking our dog to Belly Scrubs for about 2 yrs now. They always do such a great job. They are also very efficient and on schedule so my dog gets right in and is usually done within an hour or so. Also very reasonable in price.

Haylee R 4-24-21
Belly Scrubs did great getting my new pup the groom he needed! He looks like a different dog and I will definitely continue taking him here! 

Josh P 4-20-21
I took my pup in who is typically nervous about baths and grooming, but they did a great job by calming him. Service was fantastic and prices are not bad at all! My dog came out looking like a million bucks 

Amy J 3-1-21
Had three of my dogs groomed here this past week. They did an amazing job. Worked my dogs in quick. I highly recommend this place. 

Football 3-19-21
I have a toy poodle that I rescued 7 years ago. He is now toothless and some people accuse him of being ugly. After a trip to Belly Scrubs, he looks and acts like a million dollars. They are really good with the dogs. Manny has been there countless times and will continue to go there. 

DL Blevins 3-19-21
Lindsey does a wonderful job grooming Murphy. You can tell she cares about your dog. Awesome place! 

Samantha E 3-3-21
Our pup always comes home so cute and smelling great!

Mary S 3-8-21
Took my Yorkie here for the first time today. Lindsey did a great job and Bentley actually allowed her to trim his nails without being a little turd! Very impressed!! Everyone was great and Bentley looked great! 

ANDREA R 1-21-21
Great place! Very friendly staff. Our dog loves going there.

KIELA S 11-7-20
I took my dog, Baby Girl, there today to use the self serving wash stations! I really enjoyed using those over my bathtub or my water hose during the summer! They even supply you with different types of shampoo, conditioner, and towels! I plan on getting her groomed there by one of the groomers after I get her use to the store! A couple of the employees met her today and she really enjoyed the attention they gave her! The staff was great and very friendly! Highly recommend this place!"

KATIE C 2-22-20
"Took both my babies in for a cut today! Rufus is a veteran when it comes to grooming, but it was Zoë’s first time being cut. I was super nervous about how they would do. They helped me as soon as I walked in by taking one of the pups off my hands, and Lindsey did an amazing job on both of them. Rufus looks like he did when he was a baby, so handsome. Zoë is loving the new look and feel of her coat! Definitely recommend.

GLADYS J 1-3-20
Belly scRubs did a wonderful job on our Max! I will continue to use their services! 5 Star business!

Love this place. Their tubs are huge and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Employees and owner are awesome.

LISA K 3-2-19
They do a wonderful job!

BETHANY H 3-25-18
Took my senior lab today for the first time to use the self service bath. This was so much easier than doing it at home. She was a good girl and cooperated well even with the dryer which she typically doesn't like. I only had to bring my dog. Everything else was provided. Easy, peasy! Will be back!

Can't Say Enough Good Things!

  • Missy W said
    • I love the self service wash stations - so much easier on my back and on my dog Sofie, too! I also love that I can drop in just about any time to get her nails trimmed. Once in a while we get the whole shebang and have the groomers pamper her and she comes out looking great. They are so good with her. (May 2021)

  • Katie Casto said
    • Took both my babies in for a cut today! Rufus is a veteran when it comes to grooming, but it was Zoë’s first time being cut. I was super nervous about how they would do. They helped me as soon as I walked in by taking one of the pups off my hands, and Lindsey did an amazing job on both of them. Rufus looks like he did when he was a baby, so handsome. Zoë is loving the new look and feel of her coat! Definitely recommend! (Feb. 2020)

  • Debbie Stowers said
    • I can't say enough good things about this place! Love the girls always friendly, nice place is always clean. They always ask questions about your pet. My dog, Sissy, loves Lindsey! They do an excellent job. (Apr. 2018)

Amazing Job

  • Monika Coleman said
    • I just gave my dog a bath from here and what normally takes 30 minutes to do it only took 10 minutes!!!! It not only cuts the time in half, it saves you from cleaning your tub. I will definitely be coming here again. (Mar. 2018)
  • K. Keith-Myers said
    • We've used Belly scRubs' self-service on numerous occasions for our two dogs. I finally decided to just let the ladies do our Great Pyrenees. They did an amazing job!! He looks like a new guy! Not to mention you can't beat the price for grooming a large/giant breed dog. Thank you Belly scRubs for an amazing job! (Nov. 2017)


  • A. Rogers said
    • Love their service and staff. My dog seems happy here. (Dec. 2017)

    Super Easy

  • J. Hodge said
    • We loved this place!! Super easy and no mess to clean! (Oct. 2017)

    Winter Grooming

  • L. Burgess said
    • Great place to take your dogs to be bathed in the winter I do my own grooming but it's much easier to take them somewhere where I don't have to clean up a mess. The tubs are great height and you don't have to bend over to wash them. My dogs love it, thanks Belly scRubs! (Feb. 2017)




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