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Grooming Rachael and Sassy 4-15-16 smallBelly scRubs is a Dog Center:

  • Grooming 7 days a week – all breeds and sizes

  • 24/7 Do-It-Yourself pet washing facSS kisses smallility (see how it works below

    Chris Dye posted on Belly scRubs’s timeline

    “Our first visit there with our full grown Newfoundland was great. He walked right into the stall. Enjoyed his scrub down. And drying was never easier. The place was clean, pleasant odor. Even being there at 9pm, very impressed. It made bathing him SO much easier!”

Dog product store featuring ngrmappt discnt productsatural and herbal foods and remedies.

We are conveniently located half-way between Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia, just off the I-64 Teay’s Valley Exit (#39)

Our customers will tell you, Great grooming and the self-serve is “sooo much better than the bathtub!”

(All from FaceBook reviews)

 “We love belly scrubs! It makes bath time much easier for us!” – M. Diedrich, November 13, 2016

“Great staff that made our first trip a breeze; kudos Girls !!”

May 14, 2016

“I had my little dog groomed there yesterday for the first time. They were so good to him, did a great job, and on time! He looks and feels great now!

April 21, 2016

“I love the way they care for Barkley. They treat him like their own. I trust that he is respected while in their care. My regular groomer Lyndsey wasn’t available yesterday and Liz was gracious enough to take care of his grooming needs for the day. Great job, as always. Thanks BellysRubs!”

April 6, 2016

“I absolutely love this place, they are clean, fast and do great with my dogs!!!! … they did awesome, the employees are so nice and seem to care for the animals, the place is clean and your dogs won’t get fleas here! Plus fair costs! I won’t be going anywhere else but here!!”

Jan 25, 2016

“Thank you Lindsey and BellyScRubs for grooming me so lovingly, and just the way Mommy likes.”

Nov. 4, 2015

“They did awesome, the employees are so nice and seem to care for the animals, the place is clean and your dogs won’t get fleas here! Plus fair costs! I won’t be going anywhere else but here!!”

Oct. 15, 2015

“I have a lab mix and I love taking her here! Its so much easier to bathe her. Its a clean, friendly place.”

May 5, 2015

“Very friendly staff. Easy and fun way to clean your dog. They also have lots of accessories and full service grooming as well.”

April 18, 2015

“Loved this place–at least one of our dogs did–he acted like he was at some kind of a spa. The other one was scared of the whole process, especially the dryer. Next time, we’ll opt for towel drying him instead of using the hose. The owner was especially helpful since it was our first time at his doggie wash.”

-J.J. 1/23/15 on FaceBook (facebook.com/bellyscrubs) (owner note: We provide towels too!)

At Belly scRubs, you & your pets will enjoy:

Clean & convenient supplies and facilities, stocked with quality shampoos, conditioners, air dryers, clean towels & more!

No messy bathrooms to clean up after giving your pet a bath!

A large assortment of boutique supplies in the Belly scRubs’ Dog Center.



Grooming services available at Belly scRubs 7 days a week!

For an appointment, call 304-760-8989. We can sometimes do walk-ins for grooming, but always open 10-5 for just nails walk-ins. Call and talk to us about your grooming appointment needs.

Prices, in general, are as follows:

  • Very small dogs – $40 & up
  • Small dogs – $45 & up
  • Medium dogs – $55 & up
  • Large dogs – $60 & up

(Grooming includes bath, nail trim, hair cut, ear cleaning, check anal glands. Prices can vary depending on time needed to cut the way you want, thickness of fur, matting, behavior, etc.)

Prices for separate services:

Nails – $10 ($15 if there is biting or a need for 2 groomers)
We bathe your dog – Minimum $35, then depends on drying time
De-shed (full brush out)  – depends on thickness of fur
Ear cleaning – $15
Anal gland expression – $15
Teeth brushing – $15

Call 304-760-8989 for an appointment or for more information, or book your appointment now using the “Book Now” tool.


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»  Belly scRubs Self-Service Pet Wash & Dog Center 304.760.8989 119 State Rt. 34, Hurricane, WV